Architect of

Natural and ambiance lighting solutions
for commercial aviation

A wide range of products to create different atmospheres

Cozy Shading System

For a warm cocoon atmosphere

Pleated shade & Dimmable window

Smart Shading Solution

For a modern stylish design

SPD Dimmable window

Harmony Shading System

Perfect homogeneity for a sleek interior

Roller shade & Dimmable window

Complete Ambiance Solution

Create the perfect adequacy between the chosen mood and the lighting atmosphere

Shade, Dimmable window & Mood lighting

Enhanced passenger experience

Greater visual and thermal comfort thanks to natural light control and personalization of their own space

Distinctive design

Various ambiances to convey your identity and adapt the atmosphere to a specific moment of the journey

Brand differentiation

Stand out from the crowd with cutting edge technologies allowing to go beyond passengers’ expectations

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