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Employee Experience

Integration path

For integration of new employees to be successful, Vision Systems puts a significant focus on this moment across complete integration paths. Joining Vision Systems starts with an individual and collective path that enables everyone to meet the employees, to develop co-workers relationship and to discover the organization and one’s work environment.

Help people grow

Our skill building policy is based on enhancing individual skills with training and support. We see the training as a process and not only as an action. We believe that we can continue to improve in the daily work, in every situation.
The company supports the operators’ multi-skill capabilities. Internal mobility is one of the challenges of Vision Systems. We encourage and support internal mobility paths and career plans on average every 3 years.

International experience

Opportunity for mobility or work experience in our international subsidiaries. Exchanges with people from our subsidiaries in training or visiting us in Brignais.

Discover Parthiban’s experience, Mechanical Design Engineer in our subsidiary Vision Systems Asia.