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CSR commitment

The Vision Systems group, as a corporate citizen and a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, bases its development on a strict ethical model

The group supports the principles of respect for human rights and international labor standards, of environmental protection and the fight against all forms of corruption.
Our corporate culture is fully integrated into this approach and commits each employee to exemplary behavior and daily ethical watchfulness towards all those involved.

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Vision Systems group Ethical Policy

We are fully committed to ensure our compliance with health, safety and environmental laws and regulations

The Vision Systems group works towards minimizing the consumption of resources such as water, power and raw materials, and reducing the use and release of hazardous substances in the atmosphere, water and soil taking into consideration the health of its employees and the impact on the environment.

The company’s contribution to the respect of the environment is part of its mission and strategy, for the sustainability of both internal and external relations, through its overall company policy and by encouraging initiatives from employees.

We are fully committed to ensure our active compliance with the laws for a sustainable environment and to provide safe and healthy places of work for our employees by rethinking our premises and by implementing and sharing best practices.

Vision Systems group Environmental Policy

Partner of Secours Populaire Français charity!

Since 2018 and as part of its solidarity approach, the Vision Systems group has been involved with the charity Secours Populaire Français.
In order to support the association in its “green Santa Claus” action, which allows families in difficulty to spend the end of the year celebrations with dignity, Vision Systems organizes a solidarity Christmas Collection. Employees are mobilized through donations of products (food or hygiene, toys…) for each of which the group applies a financial contribution, so that holiday season rhymes with solidarity!

Involved with the association Récup & Gamelles

Since 2021 and as part of its solidarity approach, Vision Systems has been involved with the association Récup & Gamelles.
Each year, the kilometers travelled in alternative modes of transport to the car alone during the Mobility Challenge are converted into euros for the benefit of the association.
In 2022, Récup & Gamelles came to present their expo-quiz to our collaborators to raise awareness on the theme of food waste