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Corporate citizenship

We are fully committed to ensure our active compliance with health, safety and environmental laws and regulations

Vision Systems works towards minimizing the consumption of resources such as water, power and raw materials, and reducing the use and release of hazardous substances in the atmosphere, water and soil taking into consideration the health of its employees and the impact on the environment.

The company’s contribution to the respect of issues related to the environment is part of its mission and strategy, for the sustainability of both internal and external relations, through its overall company policy and by encouraging initiatives from employees. Since 2014, Vision Systems has achieved ISO 14001 certification, which certifies that the environmental management system of the company complies with the requirements of the standard, allowing it to better manage the impact of its activities on the environment.

We are fully committed to ensure our active compliance with the laws for a sustainable environment and to provide safe and healthy places of work for our employees by rethinking our premises and by implementing and sharing best practices.