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Driver assistance systems

Vision Systems, a European leader for rearview mirrors, develops, thanks to image analysis and electronic skills, innovative driver assistance systems for safer and more comfortable driving.

Our driver assistance systems, Savety-Mirror and Smart-Vision, based on image analysis, are the most effective systems on the market today. They work in any weather, day or night, and in any road environment.

The company created a competence center dedicated to image analysis and recording.

Savety-Mirror: the solution for lateral blind spot areasvolga-1319

Savety-Mirror is a blind spot detection system that alerts the driver of a potential danger by switching a light on.
This system, easy to install and retrofit, is made for motorhomes, buses, coaches and commercial vehicles.
As an option, a screen with indicators helps the driver evaluate the distance between their vehicle and the one they have just overtaken, to safely move back on the lane.

Savety-Front: the solution for frontal blind spot areas

Vision Systems has developed a new system for the detection of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in the blind spot areas at the front of vehicles such as urban buses. Savety-Front is based on sensors that allow to anticipate a collision up to 5 seconds before the impact by comparing the trajectory, the position and the speed between the bus and the surrounding road users.
Savety-Front participates in improving safety and in decreasing maintenance and operating costs by reducing the number of accidents and thus the costs associated with material and physical damages.

Smart-Vision: the mirrorless, next-generation solution of rearview systemstechdays-copiel

Smart-Vision is a unique system replacing traditional mirrors with HD digital cameras and interior screens. It provides an optimized visibility with no glare and enhanced ergonomics compared with mechanical mirrors.
Smart-Vision improves driving comfort and safety, and significantly reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs for a high return on investment.
Savety-Mirror and Savety-Front solutions can be integrated into the system as driver assistance systems options.
Both hardware and software are tailor-made by Vision Systems.

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