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Customizing passenger experience

Ambiance Management

In a plane, train or boat, personalize the environment of each passenger!
Depending on the chosen ambiance or specific moment of the journey, Vision Systems’ ambiance management system generates the right atmosphere to offer each passenger a unique experience. Through a tablet or control panel, the traveler can select a “mood”, such as reading, sleeping or waking up, leading to the automatic synchronization of the shade, the dimmable windows and the lighting to create the perfect adequacy between the selected mood and the lighting atmosphere.

Each of Vision Systems shading systems can be controlled separately, or simultaneously through the ambiance management system. Developed in-house based on Vision Systems know-how in cabin management systems, the solution can integrate other elements of the cabin ambiance (image, sound, temperature) with individual or crew control.

Acti-Vision, smart glass display

Transform your divider into a smart display!

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