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Composite expertise

Vision Systems set up in 2015 a new production unit dedicated to composite parts to respond to the growing need of its customers in terms of composite products integration for the aeronautic, helicopter and marine markets.

Vision Systems’ composite expertise in addition to that of mechanics and electronics enables the company to control the product development from beginning to end and to offer complete functional systems with breakthrough features. The new generation of driver protection doors Savety-Door as well as complete helicopter windows, are part of Vision Systems’ products made of composite.

Composite processes include:

Composite, process for fabrication of high-tech components:


Savety-Door: the new generation of driver protection door

With over 15 years of experience in driver protection doors for buses and coaches, this solution is customizable to meet our customer’s requirements: color and design of the trim, shape of the window, fixed or sliding, day/night option.

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