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Solar protection

Vision Systems’ genuine expertise in solar protection places it today among the world leaders in this area for the aeronautic, land transport and marine markets. The range comprises solutions both for passengers and drivers, including roller and pleated shades, driver blinds and cockpit sun visors, and Electronically Dimmable Windows : Nuance and Noctis (privacy mode).

A new Business Unit dedicated to dimmable solutions was opened in September 2016.

Electronically Dimmable Windows: the new generation solution improving visual and thermal comfort

dimmable windows


Nuance Eco-Smart, photovoltaic dimmable hatch

Nuance Eco-Smart is the world first self-powered dimmable deck hatch with photovoltaic cells integrated onto the hatch frame, allowing to harvest solar energy in a battery in order to enable the solution to operate, totally independently of the boat electrical system.

The system is easily controlled either thanks to a touch panel directly on the window, remotely from a PED, or automatically with additional sensors (light, temperature).
This innovative solution allows low maintenance as well as elegance and modernity.

Nuance Eco-Smart is also applicable for windows or glass doors in other market segments.

Comfort-Shade, complete customized motorized shading system for passengers


Leader in cockpit solar protection





Vision Systems’ dimmable windows in Silver Arrows Marine’s yacht, Arrow460-Granturismo, designed by Mercedes-Benz Style (click to see the video)

Vision Systems’ dimmable windows in HondaJet HA420 (click to see the video)


Vision Systems’ dimmable windows in AeroLiner3000 train (click to see the video)


Vision Systems’ dimmable sun visor integrated into the windshield of the Smart Cab by CAB Concept Cluster

Vision Systems’ motorized shades in BBJ demonstrator completed by AMAC Aerospace (at 7:02)





Vision Systems’ window shades in Phenom 300E by Embraer






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