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Oudat Djoudi, Buyer, Aeronautics

Ouda Djoudi

Buyer, Aeronautics

I arrived in the company in 1991 as an Operator. Then I carried out a skills assessment that led me to a Buyer Assistant position. I progressively evolved with Buyer & Procurement missions. Lastly I took an individual training leave to do a Master and obtained a Buyer diploma. Vision Systems contributed to my professional advancement by allowing a work-study contract and by giving me the position corresponding to my new diploma, and that is very rewarding.

Jonathan Ferrand, Project Manager, Aeronautic

Jonathan Ferrand

Project Manager, Aeronautics

I joined Vision Systems in 2009 for a 3-year apprenticeship in the Method and Process Engineering department. When I graduated as an engineer, I stayed in the company alternatively for the land transport and aeronautic business units. Then I got the chance to spend 2 years in our American subsidiary as a Quality-Method-Process Engineering Manager. Today I work in France as a Project Manager. I really enjoy my professional experiences at Vision Systems.

Christophe Janvier, Production and Process Engineering Manager, Aeronautics

Christophe Janvier

Production and Process Engineering Manager, Aeronautics

When I arrived in the company in 1996 as an operator, I never though I would be given the chance to progress that far in the same company. I am now managing the Production and Process Engineering for one of the Aeronautic sites. Vision Systems allowed me to acquire and develop new skills throughout my career.

Christophe Palandre, Composite Site Manager

Christophe Palandre

Composite Site Manager

I started in 2006 with a 3 year apprenticeship to graduate as an engineer and I quickly progress to the position of Quality Manager and Quality & Process Engineering Manager. I am now the Industrial Manager of the Composite site. I appreciated the opportunities that I’ve been given to stay in the company after I graduated and to benefit from mobility and professional training to evolve continually.

Maud Carrissan, Team Coordinator, Land and Marine Transport

Maud Carrissan

Team Coordinator, Land and Marine Transport

I joined Vision Systems as an operator and I was willing to develop my skills. Vision Systems enabled me to take a training course and to acquire a certification based on a qualification contract in parity with metallurgy. I am now coordinating a team in a very innovative production unit and I am enjoying working to meet my new challenges.

Patrick Vassé, Production and Process Engineering Manager, Land and Marine Transport

Patrick Vassé

Production and Process Engineering Manager, Land and Marine Transport

I started at Vision Systems as a Production Unit Manager and took increasing responsibilities. Less than 5 years after, I seized the opportunity to advance my career further at the creation of a production center dedicated to innovative solutions in the Land and Marine Transport. I gained management skills before being appointed at the head of this new structure.