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Onboard Entertainment

Vision Systems offers new generation of embedded entertainment systems: i-Comfort for the land and marine transport, Visi-Stream for Aeronautics. They enhance passenger experience by increasing the level of customer satisfaction while maximizing revenues. These solutions offer access to audio and video free or pay-content, stored in an embedded media server, directly from Personal Electronic Devices.

In September 2016, Vision Systems created a competence center dedicated to embedded multimedia systems by gathering its best experts in one business unit.

Functionalities on personal electronic devices

As an option

Tourist information is provided to deliver even more passenger services, while taking advantage of additional revenues. It comprises travel guides, tips & opportunities… fulfilling a large range of passengers’ expectations. Advertisements with electronic discount vouchers enable the tourists to benefit from preferential tariffs during their stay (restaurant, museum, shopping).

Benefits for operators

For each customer, Vision Systems develops a customized user-friendly interface and content. The solution can be delivered to passengers either via a downloadable application or via web browsers.

Solution available on different segments: train, coach, ferry, airplane

NEW ! Acti-Vision Window: revenue generation, passenger satisfaction

Vision Systems developed Acti-Vision Window in response to the airlines’ need to improve their operating margin while offering products and services adapted to the growing requirements of their customers.

This innovative window delivers information to the passengers, such as travel information, points of interest or stock exchange indices and allows them to interact through a touchscreen with the information and services offered by ordering snacks & drinks or by buying products directly from an advert displayed on the window. The background can be adjusted from clear to dark for perfect contrast and readability (integrated SPD solution).

Priority announcements can be pushed through the Flight Attendant Panel onto the aircraft window and specific advertising can be addressed to a particular passenger.

Through advertising, passenger solicitation to purchase “on window”, and the additional cost on the ticket for a window seat, Vision Systems’ solution ensures the generation of ancillary revenues and a high return on investment.

Additionally, the solution allows passenger satisfaction and thus passenger retention.

Acti-Vision Window also finds applications in trains, coaches and ferries.

Vision Systems’ Acti-Vision Window (click to see the video)


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