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Meet us at Innotrans

Vision Systems will unveil a new concept combining dimmable window and interactive display,
Acti-Vision Window, making its first appearance in the Land transport market.It offers a dimmable solar protection solutionas well as interactive maps, travel services and potential other content (safety instruction, surveys, meal/drink orders, etc.) all together integrated in the train window that can be controlled by the passenger through a transparent touchscreen incorporated into the glazing.

As an expert in solar protection solutions, Vision Systems will exhibit its Electronically Dimmable Windows and low maintenance shades.

Furthermore, Vision Systems will present the latest version of its entertainment and connectivity systemdevelopedfor the rail industry. The solution was designed to enhance customer loyalty by increasing the level of passengersatisfaction while maximizing revenues.

PRESS RELEASE : Innotrans, 20-23 September, Berlin, Germany